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Helen Mabel Trevor

Helen Mabel Trevor (1831-1900)


Helen Mabel Trevor showed an early interest in and talent for art. However she did not begin her studies at the Royal Academy in London until the 1870s, after the death of her parents. She also attended the Académie Julian in Paris. She travelled to Brittany, Normandy and beyond, and kept a skilfully illustrated journal on her travels. Her oeuvre included both portraits and genre scenes. Based in Paris from 1889 to 1900, Trevor exhibited regularly at the Salon. In the early 1890s she returned to Brittany with her sister, and continued to paint local characters and scenes. She presents herself here as a confident and mature artist at the height of her powers, wearing a typical cap, scarf and smock, and holding a palette.


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No Baccy

No Baccy

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Art Description

Title: No Baccy
Artist: Helen Mabel Trevor
Size: 31" X 20"
Price: POA
For sale

No Baccy